Some words to know when coming to Oman

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Some words to know when coming to Oman

Coming to Oman and running Oman Desert Marathon will make you experience the warm hospitality of Omanis. Before the race all runners will be guest at the Oman Desert Marathon base camp. Here you will receive the traditional welcome with hot Omani Coffee (qahwah) and especial Omani sweets (Halwa). Hospitality is one of the most important values for the Beduin Omani couture: giving a shelter and welcome somebody coming from the desert was a matter of life or death for travellers who used to cross this land in caravans.

Omanis are always very happy to come across a visitor to their country who speaks a little  arabic. It is a good idea to learn a few simple greetings and introductory words, to express apreciation for the hospitality and interact with local people.

The most formal greeting is
as-salaamu  alaykum (peace be with you),
to which the response is how are you?
kef  halak?  (if you are asking a man)
kef  halik? (if you are asking a woman).

ana  mabsout  (man),
ani  mabsouta  (woman).

Thank you:

You’re  welcome:

Yes, please:  naam,  shukran.
no, thank you:  laa,  shukran. 

What’s  your  name?:
aysh  ismak?  (if you are asking a man) or
aysh  ismik? (if you are asking a woman).

my name is…:

But don’t worry, you don’t need to learn arabic be undestood when in Oman, during the race and at Base Camp you will find members of the Oman Desert Marathon Staff always ready to support you in your language or in english.