Natural Environment


Oman has a varied climate and geography. It consists of a central desert plain with rugged mountains in the north and south. The climate is hot and dry in the central region.

The Oman Desert Marathon  is a unique adventure in the breathtaking wilderness of the Omani Desert. We are committed to protect the environment and protect wildlife and vegetation. We do our best to protect the environment and conservation of natural resources. We are working hard on improving our policies to keep the desert untouched. Helps us by being a responsible runner. Carry all your litter to the closest checkpoint for disposal in the bins provided. If there are unique rock formations, do not remove them from their location. If you encounter wildlife of any kind, respect it. Keep your distance. This is their habitat, so please allow wildlife its space.


Water Bottles

We encourage runners to use reusable waters. Disposable ones should not be discarded in the desert. Plastic waste is one of many types of wastes that take too long to decompose. Plastic water bottles will be marked, competitors will incur penalties, and may be asked to leave the race. All runners and organizers alike, are requested to comply with these environmental rules.


Water is one of earth’s most precious resources, and nowhere is there more awareness of its scarcity than in desert environments. For people who are living in the desert, the art of water conservation becomes crucial. We kindly ask you to keep in mind at all times while in the race, as water transportation can be difficult. While long showers may be relaxing, they should be considered a luxury by everyone, but especially those living in the desert.