What is the Oman Desert Marathon?

Every year, a very large group of international runners gather from different countries, to participate in a unique adventure on the picturesque sand dunes of the Oman desert. It’s the Oman Desert Marathon.

The Oman Desert Marathon is a 165 km race that requires each runner to be prepared and self-sufficient in food and personal needs. The runners are also given a true experience of living in the desert, this vast expanse of stunning beauty and breathtaking imagination to implement a unique physical, emotional and spiritual experience of a lifetime. It is a sport to learn patience and challenge, a sport of excitement and suspense, a sport of adventure and strength.

The race start is in front of the historical forts and castle in the village of Al- Wasil in the Wilayat of Bidiyah and ends at the Al Jawharat Resort.

The five stages of the race will take the contestants through different miles of attractive charm and aesthetic diversity in the topography and terrain, starting with history and civilization with historical forts and castles, passing through green palm oases and lush shades and then sand dunes where the stages of the race pass through the dwellings of the nomads who still follow the grazing roads, in the desert of Oman. As for the night stage, it has a special magic, starting with the sunset, whose golden threads are reflected on the sand to give the desert its splendor, beauty and charm, which captivates the hearts to take you little by little to darkness, isolation, calmness, silence, and the fragrance of the winds, with the radiance of millions of twinkling stars that captivate you with their beauty. The stars shimmer as if they were silver necklaces, away from the lights and hustle of the city.

And the end of the last stage, the emotions, the euphoria of victory, and the challenge will erupt for the contestants as they reach the finish line on the sands of Al Jawharat Resort in Bediyah.

Race 1
Race 2
Race 3
Race 4

Each runner must be self-sufficient, as they are required to carry all their equipment, sleeping bag, as well as everything they need for five days, except for water that will be provided at the checkpoints every 10 km. Although it is a huge challenge for the runner to run all this 165 km, it is essential to experience the authentic desert life.


The Oman Desert Marathon offers the utmost in safety and personal attention to all runners, by continuously monitoring the runners so that they do not feel lonely in the desert, ensuring that everyone is on the right track and providing assistance quickly if required. This race is organized by an integrated Omani crew, with the full support of the government and the civil and local sectors: to give the athletes a sense of security and reassurance with the hospitality and Omani simplicity throughout this epic race.


The state religion is the least common form of Islam and is known as Ibadism. The doctrine places great importance on pacifism, tolerance and leniency. Ibadism is only found in Oman, Zanzibar and a few smaller enclaves in Tunisia and Algeria. Oman is a wealthy country where property crime is very rare. Oman is safe. A strict religious, moral and legal code means crime of any type is severely punished, and the deterrent is effective. Omanis are also a very relaxed and polite people, so crime is not in their nature.


Oman Adventure aims to organize this desert experience, in the desert of the Sultanate of Oman, to provide the opportunity for the runners to enjoy a variety of landscapes, consisting of the high and flat sand sea to give the runner an integrated desert experience, including also the night stage, during which the athletes will enjoy the magic of the desert illuminated by the stars, that will take the runners to a completely different face of the desert, in another spatial charm.


The four stages of the marathon are considered by many international and professional runners as a training and preparation stage for similar desert marathons with longer distances, and of course it is also the perfect choice for the less experienced runner who wants to experience the magic of life in the desert without running long distances.


Economic value is an important aspect of racing abroad. Once in Oman, the runner will be a dear guest to the hearts of Omanis. Before and after the race guest runners will be welcomed into the marathon camp, with warm hospitality and authentic Omani coffee, where accommodation will be provided, food and transportation.