Land of Peace

Switzerland of the desert

Oman is well-known as a land of peace and tranquility. It is called the Switzerland of the desert for its prosperity and for its calm as a neutral country, with a reputation as an interlocutor in peace negotiations between its neighbors. It is the land where you will find hospitality, and it provides visitors with a wealth of natural attractions, fascinating culture & traditions, breathtaking landscapes and warm-welcoming people.

The country religion is Islam. The Government of the Sultanate of Oman protects the basic rights of its citizens, including the freedom of religious belief, worship and education. Freedom of belief is guaranteed under the Basic Statute of the State.

The vast majority of Omanis are Muslims and, while most of them belong to the Ibadi school, there are also Sunnis and Shias. Omani society does not only comprise followers of the different Islamic schools; its citizens and residents also include Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Bahais and Mormons.

Land Of Peace1

Oman is a wealthy country where property crime is very rare, which makes it very safe. A strict religious, moral and legal code means crime of any type is severely punished, and the deterrent is effective.

Omanis are proud of the high level of security and peaceful life. Oman is a nation of peace of good and harmony, striving to spread high ideals and values ​​that believe it is a salvation for humanity and to help everyone overcome the challenges and difficulties of a world of violence and tension.Omanis are also a very relaxed and polite people, so crime is not in their nature.