Oman Desert Marathon 2019 – Stage 5

Oman Desert Marathon 2019 – Stage 5

Today the runners spent almost all day resting, preparing for the longest stage of the race, 42.3 km and 1450 meters of ascent with 1550 meters of descent. To many runners, this appear as the most difficult stage of the race. Usually If runners have made it till this point, they can make it to the end.

Before the marathon started, we walked around the camp to talk with runners and the staff of Oman Desert Marathon to get an idea of how the evening would be and know about the runners.

Runner Said Khatem Al Hajri, a 26-year-old local from al Hawya, Bediya. Although he is from the area, he had never been in the desert before. The first and second day of the race he was the last of 55 participants to arrive to the finish line, but on the third and fourth day he arrived on the 18th position.

In contrast with participant Imad Barakat a  58-year-old Syrian, who is participating in the  Oman Desert Marathon for the 5th time. He likes Oman very much and keeps coming as he feels at home with the Omani hospitality.

The general feel at the runner’s camp was positive, runners were happy, resting and chatting. When the conditions are good, everything is fine. The Referees were also resting as a long night awaited them. The podiatrists were taking  good care of all athletes with blisters problems, and they expected to see at least 25 of them before that stage 5 started.

After the race at km 7, the runner Chiara Zenari  had to be assisted by the volunteers of the check point, an ambulance quickly arrived to the location and she was administered a pain killer, she could not walk as she had pain in her oblique tendons. Unfortunately, she had to be pulled out of the race. She was very disappointed but she was in good spirits.

Davide Vitali also was withdrawn from the 5 stage, he complained of severe abdominal pain. Runner Imad Barakat, from Syria finished the race however he seemed to have problems to walk. All runners feel tired and beaten down physically and emotionally on arrival.

The first arrivals at the finish line after 42.3 km de sand running were Mohammed Almurabity from Morocco, followed by his brother Rachid Amorality and on third place Evgeni Glyva from Ukraine.

On the women side Aziza Raji was in first place, followed by Pizzali Fabiana and Romazi Emmanuelle from Switzerland and France respectively.



Photografer: Salim Alhajri