Oman Desert Marathon 2019 – Stage 2

Oman Desert Marathon 2019 – Stage 2

The second day of Oman Desert Marathon started with briefing early in the morning, runners were informed of what to expect in the course, and they were reminded to follow the flags along the course. What it seemed to be a slow morning, as the runners took longer time to get ready and move to the start line, turned out to be a fast start. Off they went on a second day on the wilderness of the Omani Desert, the excitement of the  first day has faded away, and the runners are more adjusted to the weather conditions, they disappeared in a sea of dunes.

This second stage was more isolated as it was deeper in the desert, giving the participants the experience they were looking for: the feel of solitude and mystique of the desert. Dunes were small and even when they looked compact and easy to run on, there were path of soft sand making harder to run on. Many runners found it harder than yesterday but also very rewarding.

A nice breeze was present during the morning and afternoon, Almuraby Rachid from Morocco was for the 2nd time in the lead, followed by his brother Almuraby Mohammed, while Glyva Evgeni from Ukraine, arrived to the finish line after 4 minutes later.

On the women side the first to arrive was Aziza Raji From Morocco with a time of 3:29:56, after her was Fabiana Pizzali from Switzerland, with 3:53:04 and Emmanuelle Romanzi with 4:19:14 from France.




Photografer: Salim Alhajri