Desert running: how to make it safe and affordable


Desert running: how to make it safe and affordable

Most of us, at least once, have a dream to run in the desert, to cross high dunes of untouched sand, run next to camels and cross the camps of Beduins, but also to experience the great expanse of the desert and the charm of camping in the wilderness.

For many the dream of desert running hardly becomes true mainly due to high costs of desert races or security issues in this time of general instability, these are just two of the factors that can break the dream. On the other hand, races or tours, that are affordable and safe, often don’t offer the same sense  of adventure, complete self sufficiency and challenge of the long and hard staged races like Marathon des Sables.

The Oman Desert Marathon has chosen a formula to encapsulate the experience of being in the desert and to give runners the opportunity to test themselves and their equipment offering the maximum safety and personal attention to all runners.

The race is165 kilometres with 6 self-sufficient stages where you will discover the Oasis and the highest dunes of the Oman Desert on the tracks of the ancient caravans, with the maximum security, but not interfering with the sense of vastness and loneliness of the desert.

Before and after the race, runners are guests at the ODM Camp. They can also enjoy the thermal springs of Wadi Bani Khalid, an ideal location to relax and recover after racing. Accommodation, food (both before and after the race), drinks, and transfers are all included. No hidden extras.

Oman Desert Marathon combines the comforts of traveling for leisure and relaxation with the challenge of running alone in the desert.  To achieve this result the number of places is limited, as we want to keep this race small and unique.

Register now for only   1100,00, euro’s limited time offer, and choose the payment plan and method that is best for you. You can book this promotional price, with just Euro 275,00 and pay the rest of the subscription/ entry  fee in 3 other installments, with no extra costs.

Register now and make the dream of desert running become true: the tracks of the ancient caravans of Oman Desert are waiting for you, from November 6th to November 15th, 2015.