The Oman Desert Marathon: much more than just racing!

Looking at the pictures on facebook and on the websites, we see all these runners with tired and sometimes undernourished faces of desert runners, tired and sometimes suffering, but always serene and fulfilled. The first thought is: “sooner or later I want to be there!”. Yes, but to make this happen is not always easy. Many doubts and questions can arise and prepare an experience like this can appear more difficult as it is.

The Oman Desert Marathon is the ideal race for all those that want to be in an untouched desert, both for experts and for desert racing beginners.


The Oman Desert Marathon is divided into 6 stages designed to express the best of the Omani desert. Racing, however, is just part of this voyage: when traveling far from home it is also very important to rely on a strong and efficient organization. This is what you will find when enrolling The Oman Desert Marathon. The headquarters of the race are permanently in Bydia as the Organization is Omani: this assures a perfect knowledge of the desert and efficient logistics, meeting European Quality standards.

As the runners will land in Oman we will take care of everything: from food to accommodation and transportation. No worries for the participants: they can focus on the race and enjoy the beauty of Oman.


On Day 1, we will transfer all the runners from the airport to the base camp, where fresh drinks and food will welcome the runners. The afternoon is the best moment to start knowing the other runners and all the equipment checks will take place. After the checks and the bib distribution, the Race Director will give a briefing for the first stage, and at the end of it an abundant dinner will be the last full meal before the race.


At the end of the race, on day 6 a full meal will welcome the runners on the finish line and an afternoon of relax will help to recover form the week of racing.


The day after the race, we will provide all the meals and transportation and a visit to the hot springs, where the thermal water will be a real pleasure after all the efforts of the week.


At night there will be a Gala Dinner and the Price Giving Ceremony where there will be the official closing of the race.

After the Ceremony and a good night of sleep, all the runners will be transferred back to the airport, with life lasting memories of this breathtaking experience!

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