Ahmed Yahmadi at the 3rd Oman Desert Marathon
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Ahmed Yahmadi at the 3rd Oman Desert Marathon

Ahmed Yahmadi at the 3rd Oman Desert Marathon

By Runner Ahmed Yahmadi

I’m a person who loves most kinds of sports running,cycling, playing football. In my spare time, I allocated times for sport even during my work by going to the gym during lunch time.

2014 I participated in running 10 km, which was a part of the Oman desert marathon #2 (open for every one) & I became an overwhelmed since then to try the whole marathon, not just 10 km.

On August 2015 I register in Oman Desert Marathon & I began my preparation for it. I consulted several athletics and took their training advice into account. I began to train on a daily basis with great enthusiasm even though the exercises were tough,but it was fun at the same time. I was motivating myself that I will be trying a new challenge of its kind like running for six consecutive days. My preparation was strong – everyday I run almost 10 km & at the end of the week I was running between 15 to 20 km.
late September I discovered that one of the roles in this marathons to carry out my food for 6 days. This news was shocking & I hesitated to withdraw from the marathon- how I bear the weight only back, what food will last for 6 days!? Is my body capable to do that? Am I prepared well for the marathon?- I felt very frustrated. I thought a lot , but a voice inside me tells me to continue the experience, yes it does not preclude the trial.My family & friend encouraged me a lot so I decided to continue and prepare even stronger for the remainder of the time before the start of the Marathon.

Finding the right shoe of such marathon was one of the biggest challenges. I was looking for shoe which prevent sand entering to it , Idid not find in most sports shops in Oman,I looked in UAE also did not find. After a lot of research I ordered my shoe via the Internet from USA…

Finally, the Marathon came and on 6/11all local and international runners meet in Arabian oryx camp at Bidyah the night prior to the start of the marathon,to be transferred in the morning to the start line.
That night I could not sleep only two or three hours. I wonder, What will happen tomorrow,mixed feelings between fear and engorgement.

On the first day of the Marathon I wore my clothes and I echo to my soul I am strong and I will continue to the end, and I will be able to reach the finish line.
Oman Desert Marathon (ODM) Launched that morning after the opening celebration at 8:30 am. I start running with great enthusiasm, but few kilometers later the weather began to heat up & my body became very tired,especially in the last 10 km, but I did my best until I got to the finish line while I am wavingOman flag. What an achievement! I felt happy and internal pride I finished the 1st challenge 20 km. Later that day we were token to the camp, 20 kilometers from the village.

The atmosphere in the camp was very beautiful; there were those who collect firewood to cook foods,and those who eats from what they brought in their bags of fast food, and those who slept after a long run.

We spent that day eating and get to know each other,and then by 6 pm the time came for those tired bodies to sleep and recover.

Morning of the second day, I was thinking what would bevy breakfast, because my appetite were not good to eat ,so I decided to take a little of dates and water.

At 6:30 the races tarted & it was for a distance of 25 km. The start point was straight into the sand dunes, this means biggest challenge and more effort ..
after 15 km of running, I felt a pain my stomach, which forced me to vomit,and this is mainly because of the food before the Race,then I felt comfortable and completed the remaining of the race that day.
a new camp was setup different than first day, I was exhausted .. I eat my food & slept deeply.

…to be continued after the photo gallery


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The third day was like the second day in terms of environment, but it was for a distance of 27 km. This Day two of our colleagues Omanis did not complete the race due to stress.
It was the beginning my mind whispers that I may be next. I completed the third day after I suffered fatigue and heat stress.

The fourth day was different, I was descending from the dunes, and here my feet began to swallow , because most of the pressure was on the front of the shoe, which led to the swollen.

Despite the difficulty of the race on the fourth day, however, I encourage myself that I am still able to end it, not with the aim to get a rankin the race, but my ability to measure endurance. I completed the race for a fourth day and reached the camp .. On this day, it was disappointing to me to discover that my shoes was never appropriate for this event ..

On the camp I put some ice packs on my feet in order to relieve the pain, and I started looking in my bag for food and found some nuts, dates and indomie (dry noodles) .

The fifth day was the longest distance, it was 42 km, but it begins in the evening, means that the sun will not affect us as the rest of the past few days . The runners were put in two groups , The fast 20 runners will start at 17:00 pm and the rest (including me) will start at 15:00 pm. Istarted by running at 15:00 pmand It was a long distance. whenI got the second point for the watersupply, which was 20 km; TheMoroccan runner-the winner of ODM- arrived at the same moment.

It was a shock to me; I was20 km away and I started 2hrs before him but still he could make it!! I start running and the fatigue began sneak out to my body , I was breathing fast and my feet hurt, Oh my God what should Ido? Do I withdraw or continue? I only finished25 km! at this time I felt no ability to follow-up and decided to withdraw.

But some of the organizers motivate me to complete .. and I actually continued. After 8 hours between walking and running I reached the camp, yes .. I arrived exhausted and I can not believe that I accomplished the most difficult stages in the race. I arrived and I do not feel my feet due severity of fatigue and tiredness. Upon arrival I took my dinner, and allow my eyes to rest before the last day of the race.

The sixth and last day; which will be the end of the suffering of this challenge.
It had a special taste because we have come a distance of 145 km before the last stage .. and is a great achievement.
The race began at 9:00 am,the weather was very hot and the sand dunes were very large, but by motivating myself and encouragement from others I have completed the race to the finish line.

By this I completed 165 kilometers, I could not believe that I have completed theFull Marathon, my joy was overwhelming, especially after I was received with open arms at the finish line to congratulate me by finishing this. I guess it was the most difficult days in my life.

The Marathon ended but the pain will remain with immortal memories in my mind.