Safe environment

Safe environment

Oman Desert Marathon  is a unique adventure in the breathtaking wilderness of the Oman Desert,  from the Alwasil Oasis of Bidiyah and finish on the shore of the Arabian Sea. We are committed to protect the environment and protect wildlife and vegetation. We are working hard on improving our policies to keep the desert untouched. Helps us by being a responsible runner. Carry all your litter to the closest checkpoint for disposal in the bins provided. If there are unique rock formations, do not remove them from their location. If you encounter wildlife of any kind, respect it. Keep your distance. This is their habitat, allow wildlife its space.

Water bottles

We encourage runners to use reusable waters. In the case you use disposable ones, they should not be discarded in the desert. Plastic waste is one of many types of wastes that take too long to decompose. Competitors will incur penalties, and may be asked to leave the race. All, runners and organizers alike, are requested to comply with these environmental rules.

Oman, Land of Pace

The country religion is Islam. Oman is a wealthy country where property crime is very rare. Oman is safe. A strict religious, moral and legal code means crime of any type is severely punished, and the deterrent is effective.
Omanis are proud of the high level of security and peaceful life .Oman is a nation of peace of good and harmony, striving to spread high ideals and values ​​that believe it is a salvation for humanity and to help everyone overcome the challenges and difficulties of a world of violence and tension .Omanis are also a very relaxed and polite people, so crime is not in their nature.


The last day runners can enjoy the thermal springs of Wadi Bani Khalid, an ideal location to relax and recover after completing this contest of stamina and human competition and visit Nizwa
Fort , One of the most visited places in the Sultanate, the Nizwa Fort Oman is a combination of a castle, a fort and a museum. This great example of old Omani architecture is quite unique due to the circular shape of the tower which you can climb! Also you can visit in the same time the Nizwa souq The site of one of the oldest souqs in the country, this extensive marketplace is dedicated mostly to fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, all of which are housed in separate blocks behind the great, crenellated piece of city wall that overlooks the wadi. Part of the souq (nearest the fort) is dedicated to handicrafts and caters specifically to the passing tourist trade.
People who want to relax in the camp they can ride camels and Buggies
All of this activities not included in the fee except lunch