Questions and Answers to be ready for the 4th Oman Desert Marathon!

What are the stage cut off times – I cant seem to find this info on the website – can you tell me where to find it?

Cut offs are from 6, 8 or 14 hours, we adapt the cut offs according to the temperature and the average times of the runners on the previous stage. The cut offs are decided before the start of each stage in order to allow the maximum number possibile of runner to finish the stage in a reasonable time.  Some participants decided to do some stages hiking, cut off times allow to hike. Nobody was excluded for missing a cut off. 

Hot water: will any hot water be provided in the camps at night or will runners need to have a stove to heat their own water?

DSC_4424A boiler will be available morning and evening. So the answer is YES, is provided. However we suggest you to be independent especially for lunch, after the race: the generator might not be online and you need to eat. The Oman desert is full of wood, you will not have problems to light a fire.
The best time to eat is when you need to eat, not when we will give you hot water.

Daily water limit per person: is there a daily limit per person and at the camp or will runners be able to have as much water as needed?

There is no drinking water limit. During the race you will find water about every 10 km.

Shower: is there any facility to have any kind of quick shower at the camps?

The answer is NO as we can’t guarantee the access to wells at each camp. However most times this is possibile. This means that we will work hard to provide you a fast shower every day, but this depends also on water availability, wells and conditions of the roads to transport the water. Last year the runners had the opportunity to shower avery day. Please don’t take as a guarantee: water can finish and many things can happen in the middle of the desert.

Sleeping bags – are they carried by the organisation or by the runners?

Sleeping bags are carried by runners

Transfers from Muscat to the race. Can you confirm that is there one at 9am and 11am? And is the transfer directly from the Muscat airport?

Yes, we will arrange 2 direct transfers at about 9 and 11, according to the incoming flights schedules.
All runners should update their personal record on our website adding the flight details in order to arrange the transfers.

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    Oman Desert Marathon | Questions and Answers to be ready for the 4th Oman Desert Marathon!