Oman is safe, its religion is based on pacifism, tolerance and leniency

Oman is safe, its religion is based on pacifism, tolerance and leniency

The Sultanate of Oman is at the southeastern end of the Arabian Peninsula. It is the third-biggest country in the region after the neighbouring nations of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Political system Oman is a constitutional monarchy and the head of state is His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

The state religion is the less widespread form of Islam known as Ibadism. The doctrine places great importance on pacifism, tolerance and leniency. Ibadism is only found in Oman, Zanzibar and some smaller enclaves in Tunisia and Algeria. Oman is a wealthy country consequently property crime is very rare. Oman is safe. A strict religious, moral and legal code means crime of any type is severely punished, and the deterrent seems to work. Omanis are also a very relaxed and polite people, so crime is not in their nature.

Oman can be definitively considered one of the safes deserts in the world where to run.    odm-camp The Tropic of Cancer runs across Oman, passing just below Muscat, its capital city. It has a population of 2,773,479 and a land area of 309,500 square kilometres, making it double the size of the state of Victoria in Australia. The population is concentrated in the north and in the Dhofar area in the south. Widely open to the sea (3,165 kilometres of coastline), Oman is partly occupied by two major mountain ranges rising to 3,075 metres. The country also has two sandy deserts including the famous Rub’ al-Khali. Economy Oman’s economy is largely based on exports of oil and natural gas. More than 60 per cent of the oil consumed worldwide passes through the Strait of Hormuz, where  the Sultanate and Iran both have strategically positioned territory. Other significant contributions to trade are made by maritime commerce, fishing, agriculture and tourism, which is developing and expanding rapidly to cater to the growing numbers of international visitors to the country. The Sultanate of Oman’s sustainable and responsible growth and development of its local tourism has attracted a wide audience in Australia and New Zealand.   mappa-oman2

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