Oman Desert Marathon Finishers, your pictures are ready!

Oman Desert Marathon Finishers, your pictures are ready!

The selection of the the best images of the race is available for download.

We uploaded all the images, both on Facebook and Google Plus, and we also prepared a Dropbox link, for a faster and easier one-step-download.  If you decide to browse them online, the best choice will be to do it on Google, as Facebook reduces the quality of the images to meet its community standards. Also The dropbox link is in full quality.

Google + gallery


Dropbox download

Dropbox_logo_(September_2013).svg (1)

facebook gallery 1  & 2



If you need to print in high quality (press or large posters) one or more images, just send us an email with the filename and we will provide you the file at full resolution.

We are collecting all the images taken by the runners and the staff: we want to create some galleries with your point of view on the race. Just send us an email form the website contact form or a facebook message and we will add you to our shared Dropbox and you will be able to upload the images. We will credit all your pictures with your name and if you would like to write an introduction to the gallery telling your experience during the race we will be honored to publish it on our blog.


Stay tuned, next week we will post videos and more !

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