Oman Desert Marathon 2018: Stage 6

On the last article, we described the fifth stage of the race. If you missed it you can find it here.



The last stage of the race, and also one of the most magnificent. 

You will not perceive the fatigue at this point: the most is done and the finish line is a couple steps ahead. Even the slowest runners, that get at the camp at late night, are thrilled to start this section of the race

At the last camp, before leaving you will be able to feel  the breeze from the Arabic Sea, blowing gently and mitigating the torrid heat of the desert. 

Oman Desert Marathon Stage 6

This stage is characterized by 23 km of smooth descent, however, even if you will be descending the total ascent will be about 500 meters. 

The route is characterized by big dunes of golden, red and white sand: as you will proceed towards the sea the sand will become more bright and clear, dune after dune and the sea breeze will be stronger, as if is cheering you to reach the finish line.

Oman Desert Marathon Stage 6

There are two refreshment points, along with the route and at the end, a full meal will be served to every runner. After lunch and some relaxation on the beach, after the last runner has arrived, our transfer will take you to Nizwa where you will find your luggage and finally see a proper bed after 6 days of desert.

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More about of stage 6?

Read the comments of the runners, watch the videos and pictures of the previous editions.  Oman Desert Marathon 2017

Please note that the course is slightly changed, consider as valid the technical info of this article and not the description of the past editions


Next Oman Desert Marathon will take place from 16th to 24th November 2018. Registrations are open on this page
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