Oman Desert Marathon 2018: Stage 4

On the 3° article, we described the third stage of the race. If you missed it you can find it here.



Stage 4 is like a bridge: from the heart of the desert to the sea, from the fatigue to the perfect adaptation. If the previous stage could be considered a touring point, now the runners that broke this wall are perfectly adapted to the new conditions.

Now the desert is your home.

At this point feet care is crucial: almost all the competitors will have some blisters and the pedologists of our team will be constantly available to assist you in treating them and in avoiding infections.

A good idea is to carry a pair of light slippers, like the ones you find in the hotels and beauty centers and that are meant to be used just once. Those slippers are light and easily fit in the backpack, allowing you to keep your feet breathing and recovering during the camp hours.

Do not underestimate the importance of this tip.

Oman Desert Marathon

Briefing and start time are as usual at 6.15 and 6.30, there are no changes in the daily routine.

This stage is not particularly hard, many small compact dunes are alternating with some climbs: 27,2 km and 360 meters of ascent, with 400 meters of descent are almost the “only” the challenges to face.

At this point the climate is also changing: the temperatures will decrease, and the level of humidity will rise. Humid oceanic winds will take the place of the light dry air of the hearth of the desert. The influence of the Arabic Sea can be seen also in the landscape. Red and golden dunes of sand are now spotted with some vegetation and is possible to observe camels and goads breeding the desert grass.

It may appear strange, and the desert might appear empty and inhabited, but if you see a camel or a goat, probably a shepherd is watching you from somewhere. The Omani people are very friendly, and they know about the race, so if you see somebody doesn’t worry, you are a welcome guest.

Oman Desert Marathon

A completely different scenario will assure a run without monotony and with unique views. Don’t be misled by the fact that the temperatures are lower: the higher rate of humidity will cause to the runners a perception of a higher temperature and is very important to hydrate and take salts.

The top runners start at this point the real competition: now is time to play hard and to put the maximum effort in speeding up. During stage 4 and 5 most of the games are done and the final ranking starts to be clear. Also, the average runner can try to speed up a bit: a long rest before the night marathon stage will assure a good recovery before the last 60 kilometers.

Stay tuned for the next stage.

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More about of stage 4?

Read the comments of the runners, watch the videos and pictures of the previous editions.  Oman Desert Marathon 2017

Please note that the course is slightly changed, consider as valid the technical info of this article and not the description of the past editions


Next Oman Desert Marathon will take place from 16th to 24th November 2018. Registrations are open on this page
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