The desert is full of life: meet the desert lizards

The desert is full of life: meet the desert lizards

Running the Oman Desert Marathon you will see a lot of life, as the desert is a place where life is presente everywhere, you just need to observe and change your prespective to see where is hidden. Most of the animals are active during the night, when the temperature is lower and there is more humidity, this is not the case of the “Phrynocephalus Arabicus” a species of lizard typical of the Oman desert. The head has bright yellow and orange markings. When threatened, it can hide in the sand by vibrating its body to sink into the sand. Standing with its body raised it darts across the ground to grab insects. Raised off the ground, the body is exposed the breeze, which helps regulate temperature. Body colour varies with temperature (darker when cool, lighter when warm) and surroundings (often matches the surface it lives on).
This lizard is not or poisonous or danger for humans, so feel free to observe it and take pictures.

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