Jawharat Bidiah Resort

We are pleased to announce a special partnership with Jawharat Bidiah Resort and Oman Desert Marathon 2021.

Jawharat Bidiah Resort lies in the stunning in the middle of the Eastern Region of the Sultanate of Oman. It is located about 233 kilometres (145 miles) from the capital city, Muscat. The 90-minutes journey by carfrom Muscat International Airport gives guests a stunning start to their holiday – a Mountain’s eye view  and the golden sand dunes are limitless all the way long. It’s a taste of the natural reality that comes with  your Oman vacation.  

As you land, you are entering one of the area’s essential havens and beyond, a designated for future  development for more treasures to discover and enjoy.


1.1. Deluxe Room with 2 Twin Beds: 

Stay in our 45-square-metre state-of-the-art room. We offer you 40 deluxe rooms with 80 twin beds if you want to organize a group to explore  the surrounding sands and gold prestige or set up camp to prepare tomorrow’s heroes. We provide you with all the comforts around you with a convenient integrated program.

1.2. One Bedroom Villa: 

With sleek decor and a spacious living area, the One Bedroom Villa is ideal for families or  couples looking for that something extra. At 101sqm, with a kitchenette and separate work  space, the One Bedroom Villa is a home away from home and the ideal spot for business and  leisure. Elegant linen covers your bed, promising a wonderful sleep overlooking the green  nature and surrounding with the magic sound of swimming pool water. 

1.3. Oman Villa:

Offering magnificent water and garden views, these condominium Villa epitomize luxury and  quality in every detail. Looking over the central swimming pool, The Oman Villa provide an  ideal balance of neighbourhood nature charm and downtown convenience along with the  enjoyment of legendary Jawharat Bidiah service. The Villa feature private indoor swimming pool; revealing generous ceiling heights and local portraits and living spaces of generous  proportion.

1.4. Mazon Villa: 

For a small family getaway or a friends’ trip, our individually-designed Two Bedroom Garden  Pool Villas provide ample space for everyone to relax and unwind. Spend endless days  relaxing in the villa’s extremely spacious bedrooms and living areas and recharge waterside  by the large, private freeform pool. Each of the two graciously appointed bedrooms  overlooks a large garden, while the bathrooms—each of which features indoor and outdoor  showers—face a private, well-manicured green space. Dine together as a group in your  expansive indoor dining space or outside under the roof of your villa’s terrace.

1.5. Majaan Villa:  

The private Majaan Villa in our resort shares the principals of generous space, private pools  and outdoor decks, sleek design and genuine comfort. Nestled in lush tropical greenery, each  with their very own spot on the area, our Majaan Villa offer one experience of Jawharat  Bidiah Resort. Off the Centre of the Resort, our Majaan Villa stands gracefully over the resort.  Waking to this view across infinite sunset is endlessly uplifting.

1.6. Salalah Villa: 

On a high ground and a vast area externally and internally, Villa Salalah is unique with a  panoramic view of the external mountains and golden sands with the abundance of palm  trees and enjoy the entire resort. Villa Salalah offers you the ultimate in luxury, consisting of  4 royal bedrooms. The journey of luxury begins from the ground floor at the entrance up to  the first floor, where you sit in another Majlis and enjoy the sound of water from your private  pool next to you.

Other Facilities and attractions include:

  • Main Restaurant
  • All-Day Coffee Shop
  • “HER” Coffee Shop
  • In-Room Dining
  • VIP Business Centre
  • Group Meeting Hall
  • Jawharat Bidiah Football Stadium
  • Tamkeen Physiotherapy Centre
  • Tamkeen For Skills
  • 9D Cinema
  • GYM Health Centre
  • Outdoor Play-Side
  • Entertainment Room
  • Local ART Museum
  • Cycle and Ride


How to book:

      1. Website: www.jauharat.com 
      2. Mobile : +968 960 25 646
      3. Email : at@jauharat.com

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