Culture and Clothing

Oman Local Culture and Clothing

Foreign visitors are generally made to feel very welcome in Oman, but you will be expected to strictly abide by their cultural ways. Oman remains a deeply traditional and conservative country and whilst it is becoming more open to tourists, old attitudes run deep.


When visiting traditional Omani villages, you must respect the privacy of the locals, as this is considered their private space. Exercise discretion and behave in a friendly and open manner.


Displaying affection in public is not illegal but it is frowned upon.


Dressing appropriately in Oman is extremely important. Women should wear loose clothing with arms and legs always covered. If a skirt is worn it should at least be below the knee but wearing trousers is a preferable option. The dress code is less strict for men, although it’s not a good idea to wear shorts, ripped jeans or slogan t-shirts.