Are you getting ready for Oman Desert Marathon 2019?

It is time to start to get ready for the Oman Desert Marathon 2019.
This is a short list of things to remember to organize at best your race and travel.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us!


Did you book your flight? A research of Expedia shows that on average, 3 to 5 months in advance is the best time to book an international flight.  Your Incoming flight should land in Muscat not later than 10 AM of November 15th and your return flight should not leave before 9.00 AM of November 23rd. If you are not shure on what flight to book you can contact us for assistence. Many runners prefer to get to Muscat one day before and visit the town, in that case you can book our partner hotel and have special rates and direct transfers.


During all the race program your accommodation is provided by Oman Desert Marathon organization. If you wish to get to Oman a couple days before, or stay more after the race we suggest you Hormuz Grand Muscat, a Radisson Collection Hotel. The Hormuz Grand Muscat will offer to all Oman Desert Marathon runners and their companions a special rate and this hotel is also served by our race shuttle, no need to go to airport pickup point.


Don’t wait the last month to choose and test your equipment and food: the choice of the backpack, desert gaiters and food are crucial. You need time to select and test all those items.

We suggest you to read carefully the race rules and start to collect the compulsory equipment. In addition to those items start planning all the other gear you need for your comfort.

This is a list of our blog articles about the race preparation that might be useful for you

    1. Choose and prepare correctly your desert gaiters
    2. Eat well and plan your meals
    3. Sleeping and accomodation during the race
    4. Choose the best sleeping mat and sleeping bag
    5. Avoid blisters during the race


The updated Race Roadbook will be online by the end of October and you will recieve also a printed copy when you collecy yout bib. If you wish you can read the 2018 Roadbook to know more about the race. There will not be many significant changes in the 2019 edition.


In October you will be asked to upload a copy of your passport, the ECG  and the medical form. The medical documentation must be updated and dated not more than 30 days prior to the race. We will also send you the info on how to request online the VISA, this process should be done not more than 30 days before entering in Oman.


It is time to complete your payment. The race fee is €1300 if tyou enrolled before 31/12 2018, € 1500 after 31/12.  You already paid € 150,00 during the enrollment process
The remaining balance can be paid in one or 2 installments, but the total amount have to be paid by the end of September. The installments payment can be done by PayPal from this page or with a bank transfer (we sent you the details in the enrollment confirmation email) .


  1. What are the stage cut off times – I cant seem to find this info on the website – can you tell me where to find it?
    Cut offs are from 6, 8 or 14 hours, we adapt the cut offs according to the temperature and the average times of the runners on the previous stage. The cut offs are decided before the start of each stage in order to allow the maximum number possibile of runner to finish the stage in a reasonable time.  Some participants decided to do some stages hiking, cut off times allow to hike. Nobody was excluded for missing a cut off.
  2. Hot water: will any hot water be provided in the camps at night or will runners need to have a stove to heat their own water?
    A boiler will be available morning, lunchtime and evening.
  3. Daily water limit per person: is there a daily limit per person and at the camp or will runners be able to have as much water as needed
    There is no drinking water limit. During the race you will find water about every 10 km.
  4. Is there any facility to have any kind of quick shower at the camps?
    The answer is NO as we can’t guarantee the access to wells at each camp. However most times this is possibile. This means that we will work hard to provide you a fast shower every day, but this depends also on water availability, wells and conditions of the roads to transport the water. During last editions the runners had the opportunity to shower avery day. Please don’t take this as a guaranteed.
  5. Sleeping bags – are they carried by the organisation or by the runners?
    Sleeping bags are carried by runners
  6. Transfers from Muscat to the race.
    We will arrange one transfer at 11. If you sleep in the partner hotel you can take the shuttle at the hotel.
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