5th Oman Desert Marathon: route survey

The desert is not ad “dead” and static place: it changes continuously. The little rain can have a great impact on the vegetation and the movements of the animals from an area to another. The wind shapes the dunes and covers the tracks, the nomads move from a place to another.

The desert is in a silent but unstoppable evolution, but keeps its beauty and magic intact in the centuries. 

As the desert moves, we slightly change the route of the race, in order to keep intact the distance of each stage and to deliver the best experience possible to the runners.

The Oman Desert Marathon will take place from November 17th to 25th 2017, but the organizing team works all year on this event and has a daily presence on the route. Only with this dedication and constant presence on the trails we can organize a race where each kilometer gives new emotions end unique perspectives of the desert.

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