5° Oman Desert Marathon: stage 6

Mohammed Almorabity won the 6th edition of the Oman Desert Marathon with a total time of 13:56:10 to cover the 165 km of running. Second  Sami  Al-Saidi with 14:15:12  and third  Salama Alaqra with 14:21:24 hours. First woman Natalia Sedykh with 16:30:48. The last runner in the general ranking is Park Jae Hyun that completed the race in 46 hours 46 minutes and 48 seconds.


Today’s stage was the final rush: 23 kilometers to get to the Arabic Sea! The first eight kilometers of the last stage took the runners towards the east, on a desert track, crossing an area with low vegetation and small bushes. The sand of the first section was compact and the run was smooth for all the competitors. A gentle wind from the sea guaranteed a good temperature for today’s stage.

Start time was at 7.00 Am, later than the other days, in order to give to the last runners the chance to sleep a couple of hours, as the last runner arrived at after 2 Am.

All runners agreed on the fact that the sixth stage of the race is one of the most spectacular portions of the course: high dunes overlooking the sea and untouched sands left the Oman Desert marathon participants astonished by the scenery. A unique view for a very challenging run, the high and soft dunes are very energy consuming to climb, and after 242 kilometers of the race, the effort needed to face this ground is even higher. The last 23 kilometers of effort.

The self-sufficiency period finishes when the finish line is crossed. Fresh fruits and drinks welcomed the runners on the shore. A good barbecue on the beach and an afternoon of relaxing, swimming and recovering from the race will complete this unforgettable experience.

Two runners had the beautiful surprise to find on the finish line their family: the organization offers a companion program for the friends and family of the runners that want to meet them on the finish line. The companions arrived last night and they were accommodated in the camp, where they found a tent ready, food and sleeping bags gave them the opportunity to experience the authentic camp life.

Tomorrow the runners will leave the camp at 6.15 and head to the warm springs of Wadi Bani Khalid to have a restoring bath in a location full of charm.

As the beach is in an area where there is telephone coverage the runner’s email service is now suspended and the runners will have access to their bags and smartphones.

During tomorrow afternoon, the organization will transfer all the participants to the Hotel, where everybody will get ready for the prize giving ceremony, that will take place after the gala dinner.

All ready for the 6th Oman Desert Marathon!  The race will take place from Nov 23rd to Dec 1st. 2018. Stay tuned or pre-enroll with no commitment online now.

Stage 6

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