5° Oman Desert Marathon: stage 4

Easy and downhill start for the 5th Oman Desert Marathon runners today! As the finish line of yesterday’s stage was on the top of a hill the first kilometers of today’s stage gave to the runners the advantage to run downhill. The first kilometers of track are still headed south east, moving slowly to south and towards the Arabic Sea. Most runners, when interviewed during the race, found the first part of the stage easier, if compared with yesterday’s course. In the early morning, the humidity of the night makes the sand more compact and easy to run: a long and smooth decent in a valley is the ideal ground to try to speed up. After the second water station the scenery changed completely to a golden sand desert. High dunes with soft sand challenged the legs of the runners for the last 8 kilometers. The 4th stage is probably one of the most enjoyed of all the race, not only for its beauty, but also because all runners are now perfectly adapted to the new “routine”: food, running and temperatures.

First runner is Almorabity Mohammed with 2 hours and 6 minutes to cover the 28 km of this portion of race, second the Omani Sami Al-Saidi and Salama Alaqra from Jordan. About half an hour later came Natalia Sedykh from Russia, with the time of 2 hours and 38 minutes followed by Joasia Zakrzewski and Aziza        Al rajai.


Long rest for the runners, before the Marathon Stage. The longest stage of the race will start tomorrow at 1 PM for the first group of runners, and at 3 PM for the second group. Next updates will be posted after the arrival of the last runner of the marathon stage, at 1 AM on November 23rd.

Stage 4

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