4th Oman Desert Marathon – Stage 2

Stage 2 today started at 6.38 form the last camp, about 25 km from Al Wasil village. The first 10 kilometers where characterized by a gentle start and climb over a high dune, still in the shade and with a fresh breeze. The weather was absolutely perfect and all the runners enjoyed this section. After the first climb, the runners faced a section on the ridge of the dune and then a rapid descent on a plateau. The ground of this section is the most compact and suitable for running fast of all the race. In Oman Desert Marathon the alluvial plateaus do not represent the majority of the course, and the few sections with this kind of ground are very precious to increase the average speed.  Today the Ukrainian Evgenii Glyva started slower and probably was a little dehydrated, leaving the leading group and walking for some sections. After checkpoint 2 he had an incredible recovery and started to run fast, closing the race in sixth position just behind Sondre Amdahl. The race was dominated first by Salameh Alaqra  and then by Rachid Elmorabity that passed him at last and won the stage. A great work of regularity was done by Sami Alsaidi that closed the race in third position. First woman again Aziza Raji, followed by Carla Andre and Asta Parker.

The runners experienced today a very difficult stage, not only for the ground but also for the heat. This area of the desert is one of the most arid and the temperature rises to very high levels. The Italian Paolo Bertini  had a got dehydrated, but after being assisted by the medical team recovered and finished the stage. Now he is resting with his friends in the tent. The Spanish Juan De Dios Alvarez Hurtado abandoned the race at checkpoint 1, even if he had a quite good position in the group: the Oman Desert Marathon is a very hard mental and physical challenge. The medical team assisted him and supported him encouraging the runner not to drop. Unfortunately he was too tired to continue, and he decided to stop the race. He is fine and he is resting at the basecamp.

The heat and the hills of the last 10 kilometers of the race were a great challenge for all the runners: if the first part of the race was fresh and in the shade, the second was extremely torrid.

Tomorrow the runners will face the hardest stage of the race: 26 kilometers in the most remote end beautiful section of the Oman Desert. This stage will be a key point for all the Desert Marathon. The start will be at 6.30 Am GMT +4. Follow us on Facebook and on our website.

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