4th Oman Desert Marathon – Stage 1

All the runners crossed the start line at 8:02 from the center of Al Wasil village, heading towards the desert. The competition started to raise immediately: Rachid Elmorabity, Salameh Alaqra, Sami Alsaidi and Evgenii Glyva in front of the leading group chasing  the podium, followed by Mossa Albalushi and by the 2 top mountain runners, Nicola Bassi and Sondre Amdahl. Marco Olmo today started with caution and with a steady run keeping an advantage speed of 5’49’’ min/km and keeping the 13° position for all the race. Today’s course was characterized by desert roads and a few high dunes, a fast start with a ring around the oasis that encourages to run fast. The first stage was characterized by the enthusiasm of most runners for the new experience and for the beauty of the desert.   The runners had the chance to cross an area with green grass and bushes, experiencing the stunning contrast of the aridity of the desert and the beauty of the vegetation.

The backpack is at its maximum weight, as contains the food for all week but as the race goes on the fatigue increases but the weight of the backpack decreases. The average weight of the runners equipment is 8 kg on day one: to run with it is part of the challenge.

Rachid Elmorabity crossed the finish line in just 1 hour 33 minutes and 23 seconds, followed by Salameh Alaqra and Sami Alsaidi. First woman Aziza Raji with 2:11:47 seconds and 6th man Nicola Bassi with 1h 46 minutes, the first desert run ever for this experienced mountaineer.

The last runners to cross the finish line where NG Meng Poh from Singapore,

Miaad  Alsubhi and Khalid Alkhaldi from Oman in  4:42:53.00.

Tomorrow the runners will start proceeding in straight line towards the sea, abandoning the area with human presence and going deep into the desert. Stage two has twenty-eight kilometers of dunes and sand: it will be one of the most challenging of all race. The start will be at 6.30 Am GMT +4. Follow us on Facebook and on our website.

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