3° Oman Desert Marathon: before stage five

3° Oman Desert Marathon: before stage five

Half day of rest at the camp

Today is the “the day”. The Marathon stage of 42,195 km, the longest of the race, that will bring most runners to run till late night. The start hour is set at 15.00 for most runners, just runners from position 1 to 20 will start at 17.00: the course will be easier than the last days as the desert is getting flatter and smoother as we approach the Arabian Sea. This was the first day were most of the participants could sleep a little more, as normally they wake up at 5 AM to be ready for the beefing at 6.15. A morning of relax and chat in the tents, slow breakfast, time to shower and also the have a pilates and stretching session before meeting in front of the start line. This half day off gave to everybody the chance to restore some energy and be prepared for the last 2 stages. The finish line is getting closer!

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